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Our Creative Process

Phase 1: Planning

We have the opportunity to learn more about your company and what you want from your project during our initial meeting. We’ll talk about your target audience, the purpose of your website design, its cost, and how it will help you achieve your project objectives. You will choose whether you would like a bid or a proposal at the end of this meeting.

We’ll provide you with an estimate for the site or for our website planning consultation services based on what we discover together. We may occasionally consult with you further to determine your needs. We are committed to being open and honest about all fees and the details of the website.

Once you choose to work with us (we have our fingers crossed!!), we first have a brainstorming session with you to define the project’s parameters and gather ideas for your website’s visual design.

We provide a possibility for your website’s look and feel, starting with the home page. We will also create mockups for alternative secondary pages once the home page is almost complete. Sincerity is essential at this point because it will help us create the high-quality website you want.
This is why we put so much effort into the Homepage.  


At this point, we will add the necessary plugins to help accomplish what we talked about during the planning phase.  We will also install the theme that we will use to be the backbone of your site. You may be required to purchase the pro version, just a heads up.

We will add great images to the website’s media library for future use in the building process.   

Here is where we put things all together to make a stunning website.  We begin developing the content based on what we discussed in the planning phase.  You can either write the content yourself or we would be more than happy to do it for you.

Once we are finished, we will meet with you to show you the final design.  This is where you will either sign off on it or make revisions. Once you sign off, confetti falls and everyone yells WOOHOO!!  This is our favorite part.

This is the point that we test all of the links, forms, and anything else that has functionality on your website.  

Get excited!  We are!  YOU, OFFICIALLY, HAVE A WEBSITE!!!

Phase 3: Monitoring & Improvement

At this point, we are done building the website.  Now it is your decision to either maintain the site yourself or have us do it for you, for a monthly fee.  If you decide to take this task on yourself, we will train you on what needs to be done daily, weekly, or monthly. This part can be time-consuming.  Be prepared. 

At the 6 month mark, we will meet with you again to see how you are doing and if you need anything from us.  We will also run some tests on your website to see Google’s take on your site.  At the 1 year mark, we will go over your website with you to show you how it performed over the last year and suggest improvements.  From this point on, we will schedule a yearly review with you.

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