Are you still living in the past?

Back in the 90s your phone couldn’t get the internet.  Guess what?  NOW IT CAN!!

Having a mobile responsive website is key in today’s world

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Google loves mobile-friendly websites!

Google unleashed its new search engine algorithm back in 2015. This update’s primary result was to give preference to websites that look good on smartphones and other mobile devices. Neither desktop nor laptop searches were impacted by the change. 

People Love Mobile Sites

In the US, traffic from mobile devices makes up just under 60% of total website traffic. While our business-to-business clients see less, some of our business-to-consumer clients see much more. But in all seriousness, mobile traffic to the websites of ALL of our clients is at least 25%. And each year, it expands. Who wants to miss 25% of their prospective business opportunities? 

Google and People Act Simultaneously

By seeing how other users interact with your site, Google determines whether or not to display it to additional users. Although other variables are taken into account, the choice is decided based on how visitors to your site behave and the content there. If visitors browse a lot of your website’s pages, it will be clear to Google that you are legitimate.


Every website we create is designed with mobile in mind, so your mobile site won’t be buggy anymore and won’t disappoint Google or those annoying website visitors.

We may not be able to replace the website from an earlier decade, but we can leverage our knowledge of mobile web design to update websites for the 21st century. We can’t guarantee that the website won’t need to be rebuilt, but we are capable.

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What We Can Do…

  • Resizing images to avoid scrolling issues
  • Improving mobile site load times
  • Creating properly functioning mobile navigation
  • Producing mobile-friendly contact forms so you never miss a lead


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